—— May 08, 2018



  • Do basic layout
  • Migrate to Github
  • Basic Hero animation
  • Do footer/contact section
  • Parallax image
  • Prepare index for each section
  • Prepare image for Work
  • Work layout
  • Put contents for Work
  • Blog layout
  • Add static comment section
  • Add hashtag
  • Pull blogs from note
  • Prepare image for Photo
  • Photo layout
  • Put content to Photo
  • Improve UI
  • Upload to Dribbble & Instagram, maybe.
  • Clean up styled-components

Photo of Afiq Xilantra at a garden with sun ray on top

[Website-WIP] I love to code user interface. Used to be a graphic designer and UI designer. Things about CSS, UI interactions, and fast website spark joy to me. If you love reggae, do follow my Spotify playlist at reggaenusantara.com