Makcik Kiah GPT
— 31 Mar 2023
One of my latest projects is an AI chatbot called Makcik Kiah GPT, or in English Aunt Kiah GPT - a localized version of ChatGPT for iPhone. Made as Siri replacement with the Apple Shortcuts.
This unique concept arose as I often got my best ideas while driving. Initially, I relied on my wife to jot down my ideas. However, if she wasn't available,  I'll use voice recording, though transcribing it later can be a hassle.
With Makcik Kiah GPT, I now have a three-in-one solution:
- No typing, I can have a conversation with the AI-powered chatbot, and it will automatically convert it into text and save it to my iCloud account.
- It's user-friendly, doesn't require multiple logins, and is perfect for anyone who needs an easy way to record their thoughts on the go.
- The chatbot is incredibly fast, as I can also type any question without navigating to the ChatGPT website.

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Enhanced ChatGPT
— 07 Jan 2023
Introducing the Enhanced ChatGPT for the Arc Browser. I took the initiative to improve the overall user experience for ChatGPT.
To achieve this goal, I started by changing the styling to create a cleaner interface with subtle transitions that make the chatting experience more enjoyable. I was always a bit anxious about the Clear Conversation button, so I remove it from the interface entirely.
Additionally, I recognized that users may have concerns about privacy and not want others to see their chat history in their screenshots, so I ensured that the chat history titles were hidden from screenshots by minimizing the sidebar.
As a final touch, I have created a private additional version that includes suggested prompts. The list is stored on Airtable for easy access and to keep my prompt updated.
Enhanced Facebook
— 22 Oct 2022
Enhanced Facebook for Arc Browser Boost is a styling designed to provide a more comfortable and visually appealing Facebook experience. I dimmed the left sidebar to create an uninterrupted browsing flow, while I hid the right sidebar that displays sponsored ads, pages, and birthdays & contacts.
The Boost's subtle transitions remain unobtrusive, ensuring a more comfortable and visually appealing experience, and allowing users to focus on essential activities happening in the center of the page. With Enhanced Facebook for Arc Browser Boost, users can enjoy a distraction-free browsing experience, perfect for everyday use.
Enhanced Twitter
— 22 Sep 2022
Introducing the Enhanced Twitter, an Arc Boost that I created to address the issues of clutter and inefficiency in Twitter's current user interface.
As an avid user of Twitter, I was frustrated by the lack of clean design and elegant functionality in the platform's trending sidebar. To tackle this problem, I simplified the interface by including the option to show or hide the Trending sidebar, allowing users to customize their browsing experience. 
To further refine the design, I chose to remove the border to create a cleaner and more polished appearance. I also utilized elegant transitions to enhance the user experience of scrolling through tweets.
Personally, I think this is the best UI enhancement I ever made.
Enhanced Gmail
— 22 Aug 2022
I was feeling kinda disappointed with Gmail's new UI redesign, so I decided to take on the challenge of creating my own version with the Arc browser Boost function. I put in hours of hard work and persistence, trying to create something that would make my email experience more seamless.
However, I did face a few downsides, like Gmail continually changing the header nav class every month, which made it harder to maintain my Boost.
A method and system to classify solat/salah/salat/namaz
— Feb 2021
During the lockdown, I began my second attempt to learn machine learning, and I created a solution using CreateML. Because home prayer takes longer than usual, it was challenging to stay focused. As a result, I spent several months recording my prayer movements and classifying each movement to create a solution. I even researched and read various research papers and studies on the topic.
My efforts resulted in creating the goSolat startup in 2023, which aims to assist those who have difficulty staying focused during their prayers. The solution I created using machine learning laid the foundation for the goSolat startup.
It's a great achievement, and I'm excited to continue exploring the intersection of technology and spirituality. It is always great to find innovative solutions to common challenges.

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Didn't manage to implement the design, this is one of the ATF design options.

— 2020
Belantara is a highly efficient website template with a one-click CMS experience, completely free of cost! By using GatsbyJS, Github, Netlify, and Netlify CMS (Now Decap CMS), it enables quick loading and outstanding results, somewhat similar to creating a WordPress website, but for free.
It was designed explicitly for designers or creative thinkers. It's like providing a studio for them and all they need to do is decorate it with their work. It was also equipped with Digital Garden terminology for the Notes part. Additionally, there is also the Now and Stack page.
Sadly, the technology improved too quickly, leaving Belantara deprecated. Hopefully, I can revisit Belantara when Decap CMS is worth it, as it offers a YML-based CMS that required minimal effort to develop. 
For now, we can only look back at its past glory and wait for Decap CMS to advance for Belantara to make a comeback.

Made available to the public since May 2023, it was previously in private mode.

Belantara's CMS part

Tripfez Reimagined
— April 2019
In preparation for my front-end role at Tripfez Travel, I created a concept to showcase how I would contribute towards the design and coding aspects of the role. This was built in just a day or two utilizing a range of tools and technologies.
I created this website using GatsbyJS, styled-components, and react-spring for the animation part, allowing me to create a beautiful, visually appealing, and highly functional design.

Made available to the public since May 2023, it was previously in private mode.
AI-powered shopping assistant
— 2016
During my interview with 11street, I presented the idea of creating an AI-based system that provides personalized product recommendations based on user preferences.
The system would eliminate the need for users to research products themselves. Although I was attending the interview for the UI designer role, I was offered the UI developer role instead, which allowed me to work on something like this (cart suggestions etc) and learn a lot during my time at 11street.
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